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Why More People Choose Classic False Eyelashes?
An Eyelash expansion is just one of one of the most best methods to make your eyes stand out. Classic lash extensions are not like your regular incorrect eyelashes, when you wear them, you will not need to trouble about it coming off. Then timeless lashes must be your go-to, if you're looking to highlight the all-natural volume of your lash. They will give you the complete volume, size, and fullness that you wish for.


Our company believe that just great raw materials can produce products that are of indisputable high quality so we demand using the globe's best resources in making our Classic Lash Extensions; either PBT or cashmere especially delivered from China, Germany, Japan, or South Korea.

All the raw products we make use of must go through a top quality test before they are made use of. We always check for:

Precision; for accuracy we expect 3 essential elements and that's size, density, and curvature. This is why we can guarantee that our timeless lashes will certainly keep the exact same height in one row, right thickness, and also steady swirls for at the very least 2 years!

Soft and Tough Tips; we always thoroughly search for mild problems, flexes, and damaged hair.

High-Density Hair; we utilize this to ensure that you will certainly be sure you're getting more benefits as well as even more value for your money.

Comfortable and also Convenient for professionals to run; all of our products, whether the timeless eyelashes or level eyelashes or the Easy fan lashes have a high degree of adhesion to glue, so it saves you energy and time when page: click here Client's will certainly also forget that they had their eyelashes grafted.

presently we can give e you with 100 different alternatives, from density to crinkle as well as length to satisfy the demands of Ll your clients and even more. All of the items of our standard. Lash series are fit a le do experts as well as novices and have traditional go huge quantities.

They are all readily available in our store so click here to shop now!